Metamorphosis is, by technical terms, the life cycle of a butterfly. It starts off as a green caterpillar, it eats and eats and eats..and then he wraps himself into a cocoon for a certain timeframe. The cocon just sways with the wind, unaware of what the outside world mught throw at it. Although others might think that its dead, there is something going on inside of it. A transformation was slowly taking palce inside of that cocoon…until it reaches the time when the green caterpillar gets out of the cocoon not as a slow-moving worm…but as a beautiful and colorful butterly that will be awed by many.

Now why did I use the term “metamorhphosis” in this blog? Well, that is how I describe my life..I am in the process of changing and transforming into a better individual. Please join me in my journey as I go through life’s odds and ends –the struggles, pains, quirks, and happiness that will be the key ingredients on my growth as a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a CHILD of GOD…


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